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Nutzerkonto CryptoCoin.Pro

If you are having issues logging in to your CryptoCoin.Pro account, then try to register using this link: In this case, please restart the login process through (or If this still does not solve the problem, you can contact us via our telegram chat: or contact

If you get an error message like “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again” or similar, then refresh your page. If the problem persists after a few tries, then please let us know in our telegram chat: or contact

To register a business account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a user account, e.g. as seen in this video:
  2. Fill out the form for a Legal Entity (see the Form and Example)
  3. Send the Form to Valentin Socaci ( Dashboard

To login to your account and see your REME-Coin stats, visit Click on login on the top right of the navigation bar.
More detailed information about how to login to the back office/dashboard can be found in this step-by-step video.

For a step-by-step guide, we have made a video tutorial here:

To reset your password perform the following steps:

  1. Go to and click on “Login” (upper right corner) and then “Lost your Password?”
  2. Enter the email address, which you registered with
  3. You will receive an email with a link requesting you to reset your password
  4. Set your new password and press “Reset Password”
  5. Login and enjoy your new Backoffice 🙂

“Why is the number in my team-statistics incorrect? I should actually have 100 team-members!”

On a regular basis we remove invalid or unreachable EMail addresses out of our system. Through this, discrepancies can occur between the statistic itself and the confirmation emails you have received. We apologize for this.

We internally reserved and noted down the coins reserved with the LOI, however, they are neither shown in the Backoffice nor on CryptoCoin.Pro.

Invest in REME-Coins

??IMPORTANT NOTE: Only use the website or our partner website to buy REME-Coins! DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER WEBSITES FOR THIS??

In these videos, we show you step-by-step how to invest in REME-Coins.

  1. Video for those who don’t have crypto currencies yet:
  2. Video for those who already own crypto currencies (ETH / BTC):

Note: Please do not enter amounts with commas for Fiat currencies (EUR, USD, CHF). Please only separate values with a point.

If you did not receive the email with the bank details for bank transfers, please see the information below:

SWIFT Code / BIC:                BCEELULL
Beneficiary Account Name:             Domain Index S.à r.l.
Beneficiary Account Number (EUR/CHF):     LU360019385549353000
Beneficiary Account Number (USD):         LU230019495591166000
Beneficiary Bank Name:             BANQUE ET CAISSE DEPARGNE DE LETAT
Reference: The full legal name, address, and the Order ID associated with the actual order placed, of the Ordering Customer (Remitter) is required.

The proof of payment for your transfer must be uploaded within 24 hours.

The fee will be included in your investment, returned in the form of REME-Coins. For example, if you pay 103,90 euros instead of 100 euros because of the Fee, you will get 103.90 euros worth of REME-Coins.
We generally recommend the payment with cryptocurrencies or via bank transfer to avoid such fees.

Please make sure that for Fiat currencies, you input a period and not a comma to separate the values that are smaller than 1. e.g. € 100.50 and not €100,50.

Yes, you can pay with BTC and ETH and you need a wallet address for this.

Assignment of crypto payments
If you have purchased REME-Coins in cryptocurrency and have not provided a wallet address, please send this information together with the amount invested and the approximate time of the transaction to Andreia at and she will take care of the correct allocation. When you send it, be sure to send it from the address that you registered with. Otherwise, let Andreia know which address you registered with.

Please send the Amount and Address (and approximate time) to Mrs. Andreia at, she will take care of it. Also make sure that you send it from the email that you registered with, otherwise, you need to let Andreia know which address you used.

Yes, but in this case the payment needs to be assigned manually. Therefore you have to send a email to, containing the exact amount, approximate time and the name of the exchanger. For this manual assignment CryptCoin.Pro charges 1 percent of the investment amount.

“My BTC are currently sitting on CoinBase, so I’m not sure where I get a Wallet-Address?”

When purchasing REME-Coins, you need the address of your wallet where your cryptocurrencies are stored. All payments will go into either a Bitcoin or Ethereum Wallet. The exchanger needs this address to be able to allocate the incoming payments to the specific user. A solution suggested by CryptoCoin.Pro is to send your BTC/ETH from your current exchange (such as CoinBase) to a wallet first (create your wallet at for BTC and for Ethereum) and to then invest from that wallet.

“When do I see the REME-Coins I bought in my members dashboard on”

After you have invested in REME-Coins, you will receive confirmation of your purchase by email. However, this confirmation email will only be sent after we have received the payment (even if it is still the sending of the payment that is decisive for the assignment of the time bonus level). The purchased REME-Coins are also displayed in the back office after we have received the money. Depending on the chosen payment method, this can happen very quickly (BTC / ETH) or it can take a little time (for example, when paying by bank transfer). The purchase-confirmation always takes place on the assumption of the successful KYC-check as well as of the absence of possible chargebacks.

KYC Check

You will need a valid government issued ID or passport for the KYC check. Depending on how much you plan to invest, you may also need to show a proof of address (e.g. telephone, heating, water, or electricity bill).

You can order coins before the KYC has been approved, but will only accept the payment after the KYC has been approved.

If is telling you that your KYC-Check needs to be approved before you can invest, then you probably signed up directly on rather than through the link on (or In this case, please restart the purchasing process through (or, then you can also still do the KYC-Check at a later time and can invest right away. If this does not solve your problem, please contact us through our Telegram Chat: or through

Invitation Link

“I invited my wife but did not receive any confirmation E-Mail and my team also did not increase.”

If both you and the person you tried to invite registered over the same device then the first opened registration link is used, no matter what other registration links you open after that, due to the cookie saved on the device. If the other person still wants to register through your link, please ask him/her to do so on a different device.

Time Bonus

Since the presale starts on May 2nd at 1:00 PM (CET Berlin time), each Bonus-Phase will last until 1:00 PM on the following day, for the benefit of the investor (Example: you can receive the 25% bonus until May 19th 1:00 PM CET Berlin time, not only until May 18th 12 AM). Decisive for the bonus you receive will be the click on the button “Buy/Transfer” (time at the instance of the transfer/credit card payment), therefore always benefiting the investor. It is irrelevant at which point in time the money is received, but when it was sent. Therefore the time your bank needs to transfer the money will not be of any disadvantage to the investor.

Due to these technical issues, we have decided to extend the maximum time bonus of 33% until Monday, May 7th (1pm CET).

Friendship Bonus

  1. The friendship bonus only works if the invited person clicks on the confirmation link in the email sent by us after registration.
  2. Bonus coins from the friendship bonus will ultimately only be issued to the invitee if he or she also invests in REME-Coins within the framework of this ICO.

In order to receive bonus-coins from the friendship-bonus, you need to invest into REME-Coins yourself. You will only benefit from the 10 percent bonus on your first- and second-level team members’ investments if you invested in REME-Coins yourself.
However, this is not a prerequisite. If the friends you invited with your referral-link invest before you do, you will still receive the 10% bonus once you invest yourself-within the timeframe of our ICO presale.

REME-Coins Issuance

REME-Coins will be issued on 16th January, 2019

In order to receive and send REME-Coins, you need an Ether wallet. If you do not yet have an Ether wallet, then we would recommend you create one as soon as possible (see In this way, you can already specify your wallet address when purchasing REME-Coins. Follow this link to learn more about this topic (including step-by-step instructions):

Still got questions? Support
If you need any support during the investment process, you can contact CryptoCoin.Pro via the following email:

If you have any additional questions regarding the ICO or REME-Coin, you also have the following contact possibilities:

  1. The best option is to ask your questions in our Telegram chat: (then others can also benefit from the answer)
  2. Email:

Premium support
Soon, premium support will be available (for investments of 1000 CHF and above), where we can even support you via remote support tools directly on your PC.

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