Simply pay with REME-Coins and receive up to 100 percent cashback on everything you buy – anywhere worldwide. REME-Coins are backed by real value and have a perfect reason to be spent.  REME-Coins give you access to the billions big companies make by selling collected user data.

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  • 10% bonus on every referral
  • Your friends get 10% bonus, too
  • Plus 10% bonus for you, for purchases by friends of friends
  • Team-transfer to marketplace

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Why Invest in REME-Coins

Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, ICO’s and co. are omnipresent themes in our society today. Information and stories about Bitcoin, Bitcoin millionaires and new cryptocurrencies flood our news channels, blogs and personal feeds.

REME-Coins stand out as an excellent investment opportunity because of these 6 unique key facts:

Coin Backed by Real Value

Each REME-Coin gives access to a fixed number of advertisements on the marketplace. These advertisements will always have a certain value. Therefore, each REME-Coin will hold an inner value from the beginning. This grants REME-Coins high price stability.

Easy, Fast & High Cashback

People want cashback. Most people (55 percent) spend 2 hours per week scanning special offers, coupons and cashback deals. With REME-Coins all purchases – online and offline – qualify for up to 100 percent cashback, just by paying with it. Thanks to the worldwide acceptance of REME-Coin as a means of payment, users will benefit from the full cashback functionality anywhere.

Claim Profits From Your Data

The REME-Coin has its finger on the pulse of the times in many aspects. People are more and more concerned about their user data being sold. REME-Coins give the power and control back to the people who originate all the user data to benefit thereof themselves. In this way, the REME-Coin will establish itself as a new standard in the shopping and cashback world. This could even start a huge worldwide movement – with our community exploding already now.

Exclusive Access to New Advertising Formats

Advertisers and retailers will not only benefit from the enormous advantages of the marketplace, but will also have exclusive access to innovative and effective advertising formats through the REME-Coin. This will drive worldwide demand for REME-Coins.

Appreciation Outlook of the REME-Coin

Each REME-Coin will give access to a fixed number of advertisements on the marketplace. The issuing price of a REME-Coin will be below the market value for the same fixed number of advertising inserts on comparable marketplaces. Therefore the REME-Coin offers a very positive performance outlook because the advertising contacts guaranteed by a REME-Coin will become more numerous and more valuable.

#1 Payment Method for Marketplaces

Marketplace operators may only receive funds from customers under certain legal conditions. For this reason, sales commissions must be invoiced separately to sellers. Recently, marketplace payment providers therefore split payments immediately. However, we are not aware of such a solution for cryptographic currencies. In the area of cryptocurrencies, REME-Coin will be the first and only coin that enables these processes for marketplaces.




Partners, major investors and consultants are enabled to buy REME-Coins with a partner bonus of +50 percent.



Major investors who do not meet the requirements for the partner bonus receive a bonus depending on the investment volume according to the following graduation:

5% from 10.000 to 49.000 CHF
10% from 50.000 to 99.000 CHF
15% from 100.000 CHF



Rather than paying big companies for expensive advertising, is promoting viral growth with a bonus of +10 percent for inviting friends. Both the sender of the invitation link and the recipient, i.e. the new investor, receive an extra bonus of +10 percent (up to the 2nd level).



During pre-sale, there is a staggered temporal bonus. In addition to the purchased REME-Coins, investors receive the bonuses shown below.























On’s marketplace, users can acquire new and used products with up to 100 percent cashback. Our vision is to create the necessary legal and technical requirements so that users can simply pay anywhere worldwide (online & offline) with REME-Coins to receive up to 100 percent cashback on everything they buy (new & used) – with no additional steps required.

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Interview with Mario Peter (CEO) and Sascha Jonas (CTO) about cashback, data privacy protection and investing in REME-Coins.

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In this video,‘s product manager Henry Raupach will walk you through a preview of our marketplace (MVP version).

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On’s marketplace, new and used products can be purchased with up to 100 percent cashback. Online and offline shops as well as private users can sell and buy with full cashback functionality. Cashback is paid in small daily amounts according to user’s platform activity, until the purchase amounts are fully paid back. To simplify the cashback experience even more, our own crypto coin (REME-Coin) will be issued in March 2018 and enable unlimited cashback anywhere just by paying with it.

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For other videos and interviews please visit our youtube channel (click here). Please remember to subscribe to our youtube channel and to switch on notifications to access all new videos as soon as we publish them.


All ​purchases​ ​with ​the ​REME-Coin ​qualify​ ​for​ ​up ​to ​100 ​percent ​cashback​ ​-​ ​online ​and offline. ​In ​this​ ​way, ​the ​REME-Coin ​will ​establish ​itself ​as​ ​a new​ ​standard​ ​in​ ​the ​​shopping and​ ​cashback​ ​world.

$ ​2,220,000,000,000

market potential

+46% increase

in ​average ​shopping ​basket ​value through ​cashback

9 out of 10

are ​looking ​for​ ​ways​ ​to ​save money​ ​when ​shopping

55% of consumers

spend ​more ​than ​2 ​hours​ ​each ​week
looking ​for​ ​coupons, ​deals​ ​and ​savings

72% of millenials

spend ​more ​than ​3 ​minutes​ ​looking ​for​ ​coupon codes​ ​before ​buying ​anything ​online

Unicorn #7 ​aims​ ​to ​be ​unicorn #7 ​in ​cashback​ ​market

80% of consumers

are ​ready​ ​to ​switch ​brands​ ​and ​shops if ​presented ​with ​big ​enough ​cashback​ ​or​ ​deals


The whitepaper describes the economic fundamentals and strategies for the REME-Coin and the marketplace. In it you will learn everything about the market potential, our business model and marketing, our team as well as details about the potential for increasing the value of REME-Coins, our roadmap and the REME-Coin pre-sale itself.


Many companies have recognized the high demand for cashback, coupons and other saving opportunities. However, existing cashback systems exhibit substantial weaknesses such as low cashback, cashback included in higher product prices, unattractive award systems etc.

This opens up a huge potential for, as responds to customers’ needs much more consistently. Among others we offer the following unique advantages (USP’s):

UNLIMITED CASHBACK allows up to 100 percent cashback for both online and participating offline stores (boutiques, restaurants, etc.) and even for used items. users can influence the amount of their daily cashback payments themselves through various platform activities, such as inviting new active users, participating in surveys or writing helpful product reviews. Already after their first purchase, users receive cashback payments in daily amounts. This happens until up to 100 percent of their purchases are fully repaid.


In order to increase the payout speed, introduces the REME-Coin, which makes it possible to pay out advertising revenues immediately as cashback. For users, the REME-Coin, as part of the cashback amount, is available in their wallet app within 24 hours. Additionally users receive cashback in fiat currency (EUR / USD).


For the use of all advantages such as up to 100 percent cashback on all online and offline purchases as well as on new and used goods, it is sufficient to simply pay with the REME-Coin. The more the acceptance of the REME-Coin expands, the more exciting this option becomes.

HIGH WILLINGNESS TO BUY customers receive up to 100 percent cashback from advertising revenues for all their purchases on This encourages the willingness to spend more and accelerates purchasing decisions. For example, a recent study shows that consumers spend an average of 46 percent more money when they receive cashback (source: Cashback Industry News ). customers are also loyal customers, as they are incentivized to always select products available on first because they receive up to 100 percent cashback.


There will be zero product listing fees for sellers. Sellers can present their products to the growing worldwide cashback community free of charge. Sales commissions are below the market average, resulting in lower sales prices. This offers sellers perfect conditions to access a multitude of potential customers with a buyer readiness far above average because of’s cashback system.


Validated user data, made available on the marketplace in real time, provide effective and efficient advertising opportunities. Sellers can, for example, address exactly those users who are looking for their products right now.


Advertisers and retailers not only benefit from the enormous advantages of the marketplace, but also have exclusive access to innovative and effective advertising formats. They are available only with the REME-Coin. Example for the exclusive advertising forms: recommendation ads ( has developed a new advertising format that can disseminate a message or advertisement virally in a short time to target groups or entire regions).


In contrast to many social and search advertising platforms,’s user data are validated. has available extensive user data, which form a high-quality user profile over time, that allows advertisers to identify, select and target precise user interests and purchase intentions. This user profile is updated in real time and made available to the advertiser when selecting specific target groups.

IAB STANDARD ADVERTISING MEDIA AVAILABLE offers advertisers the following media: display, mobile, video and e-mail/newsletter. All IAB standard advertising media are available as well as customer-specific advertising formats. The access to the inventory can be done via a private marketplace or via DSP. Registered advertisers have the possibility to place campaigns via a self-booking service.


WIN-WIN UNLIMITED’s product categories are unlimited. Even large corporations and service providers want already now list their services on in an effort to give their customers access to up to 100 percent cashback. Listing products on is easy and free. More and more small and big sellers are giving in to their customers’ requests to list their products on Active users receive lifelong cash back on all sales ever made in shops they have referred to – simply via their personal invite link.


Even offline shops and stores such as boutiques and restaurants can list their products and services on free of charge. This way they can offer their customers the unique advantage of getting up to 100 percent of the money spent in their offline stores back as cashback. In’s mobile app the fast growing user community will be notified of participating offline stores nearby their current location.

UP TO 100% CASHBACK ON PRIVATE SALES enables something never heard of, namely up to 100 percent cashback for purchases of used items, even in private transactions from user to user. Possibilities on are virtually unlimited when it comes to ways, products and entities involved in the generation of up to 100 percent cashback.

SELF BOOKING SYSTEM gives advertisers direct access to the inventory. This can be done via a private marketplace or via DSP. Registered advertisers have the possibility to place campaigns via a self-booking service. guarantees a safe environment (BrandSafety) and offers the possibility of exclusion, e. g. not presented at the same time as competing products or in undesired industries.



The idea for an e-commerce platform with up to 100 percent cashback has been evolving since 2014, and one of the first steps was to develop a project plan of this vision. With the project plan in hand, the start-up was founded in December 2015.

2016 & 2017

A team of meanwhile 35 employees and freelancers has developed and is fine tuning the last details of the marketplace. International payment provider adyen was selected and integrated into the platform and cashback systems. Agreements were signed with leading international providers in the adtech sector such as OpenX and Adform. At the same time, the expansion of the cooperation with Intershop, Microsoft and azure were accelerated.


The pre-sale of the REME-Coin presumably starts on May 2nd 2018. The pre-sale ends on July 15th 2018, followed by the issue of the REME-Coin on August 15th 2018.

III QUARTER OF 2018 is planning to pre-launch the marketplace in the third quarter of 2018, opening it up for exclusive user pre-registration (with invite only) and the listing of products.

3rd QUARTER OF 2018

The marketplace MVP is planned for 3rd quarter of 2018. The self-booking platform via Adform will be made accessible to advertisers.


Part of the cashback is paid out in REME-Coins, and products can be purchased on marketplace with REME-Coins. It is also possible to book advertisements with the REME-Coin. In addition, the legal requirements for the listing and trading of REME-Coin on various renowned stock exchanges will be created, as far as possible. There will be a connection to a marketplace hub and the possibility of automated product adjustment via an API.

1ST HALF OF 2019 will release its own mobile app with a connection to the Ethereum Blockchain, which functions as a crypto-wallet. Once the legal requirements have been created, this app can be used, for example, in offline shops for purchasing. In addition, further acceptance points for the REME-Coin will be created, supported by the creation of the possibility to pay with REME-Coins via credit card: Cashback is paid for further user activities such as writing reviews and recommendation ads.

2ND HALF OF 2019 AND BEYOND will be driving the internationalization process forward and will open up additional markets. The focus will be put on targeted offline expansion and the acquisition of additional acceptance points for the REME-Coin. In the wake of this, REME-Coin shall be made available as a payment solution for other marketplaces (including payment splitting). Accordingly, the legal requirements for this are created. The self-booking platform for advertisers, with REME-Coins as payment method, will be released for other shops and marketplaces.




Sascha is CEO/CTO of ( GmbH + FL GmbH). He holds a master’s degree in Applied Computer Science from the HTW in Berlin. Sascha is an expert in machine learning, cryptographic currencies and software architecture. Before joining as a software architect, he worked as a software developer at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Axway AG, Neofonie GmbH and Portfolio Invest AG.

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Mario is CEO of ( GmbH + FL GmbH). After completing his training with distinction, he went all the way to top management at one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies. There, he can look back on many successful years with stations in various areas, such as controlling or as a manager. As head of various centers, Mario was entrusted with a high level of personnel and budget responsibility. He brings these positions and his experience as regional manager of the Deutsche Bank Group to 

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Klaus Stark is a member of the management of FL GmbH (Liechtenstein). He is a licensed Liechtenstein trustee and member of the Liechtenstein Institute for Trustees and as well as the Association of Auditors, Accountants and Tax Consultants in Liechtenstein (VBBS) and a member of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). He has many years of experience in the Liechtenstein trust and financial service sector. Klaus studied Economics at the HWV St. Gallen and holds a diploma in Trustee Management (TEP) in Liechtenstein. Klaus Stark is a co-founder of the Liechtenstein Blockchain-Meetup and crypto expert.

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Dominic is marketing manager at He holds a degree in Business Administration and wrote his diploma thesis for the board of directors of Tenovis. Dominic studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and marketing at the private French university ESC Bordeaux. He worked as a commercial assistant to the management at SPM Technologies. He was also responsible for public relations at Suzuki International Europe GmbH. Prior to joining, Dominic worked as a marketing and SEO expert advising several large companies and SMEs.

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Henry is a product manager at He studied Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In the areas of new media, online and direct marketing, Henry has accompanied and implemented projects for many companies. Later, as Senior Product Manager and Team Leader at Air Berlin, he expanded his experience in e-commerce, which he can now apply directly to

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Daniel Arber is an experienced and recognized figure in international trade. Be it as a lecturer, a member of the board of directors or as an entrepreneur-consultant in the automotive, aviation, military, logistics, agriculture or health care sectors. His passion is the “individual,” so his customers include young start-ups as well as companies that are undergoing generational changes. As a competent consultant, he applies his extensive experience as an expert for strategy and business development, especially in organizational consulting.
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István Cocron is a specialist in the area of consulting for start-ups and companies in corporate and capital investment law. Attorney Cocron has been working on the latest developments in the field of IT, in particular blockchain and cryptocurrencies, for several years now. He has extensive experience in supporting ICOs and has already advised a number of major proceedings for investors and consumers throughout Germany. István Cocron is a member of several creditors’ committees and is also a member of both national and international associations of lawyers. Attorney Cocron is a founding partner of the law firm CLLB Attorneys.
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demandi GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary company of the market research institute Interrogare GmbH and is a competent consultant and reliable partner for researchfor In cooperation with Interrogare, has developed a comprehensive questionnaire that enables the user profiles to be enriched and mapped to the IAB Audience Taxonomy for advertisers. This survey data can be used to create individual target groups. With methodical expertise, innovative research approaches and technical know-how, Interrogare is the perfect partner in this field.
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As a strategy consultant, business coach and project manager, Patrick von der Gönna advises and assists companies from all sectors in the digitalization of their business models as well as in the field of data intelligence. The technology expert and digital specialist has been focusing on the developments and potential of the digital economy for more than 20 years and possesses top-class insights from the advertising industry, media and technology companies.
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16 years ago Matthias realized that e-commerce is exactly his business. A passionate engineer with a trader’s soul, he is passionate about KPIs and processes that create sustainable success. Matthias learned the job from scratch: as a developer, project manager, team leader, IT manager and head of IT, he worked on both the operator and the service provider side and got to know numerous projects, solutions and partners. As a trained project manager, he has not only the classic criteria of quality, time and budget in mind, but also the satisfaction of the entire project team. Software from people to people… and after the project enjoy success together.  Matthias is very passionate about this.
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Sylvio Schiller is a partner and managing lawyer at [f200] ASG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. He advises and represents clients in the field of industrial property law and intellectual property rights. In connection with the protection of ideas and know-how, he also comprehensively covers the area of design protection, and thus the registration and protection of registered and unregistered designs. At, attorney Schiller has examined the terms and conditions of use in addition to the terms of use and found them to be legally faultless.
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As CEO of Intershop Communications AG, Dr. Jochen Wiechen is responsible for the administration of the company, including the finance department and corporate communications. This is in addition to the technical departments, which he has been leading as CTO since 2013. He has gained a wide range of experience in the development and market-positioning of software-solutions in his previous positions at both medium- and large-sized software companies. Before switching to Intershop, Dr. Wiechen was vice president at SAP AG, responsible for product-strategy-development and for the management, development and support of “Workforce Performance Builders”. At datango AG he was member of board and head of product development & support for the product portfolio of the company. Further stations in his career path include the investment company Martlet Venture Management Ltd., where he took on the technology-strategy and -development as CTO, the Psipenta GmbH, as well as the PSI AG. Dr. Jochen Wiechen holds a Doctor-title in physics.



Content Marketing and Translation (Spanish)


Marketing and Translation (English)


Communication Expert and PR



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DevOps Engineer

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Content Marketing and Translation (Polish)

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Frontend Developer

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Content Marketing and Translation (French)




Backend Developer


Senior Backend Developer

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Backend Developer


Senior Software Developer

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Senior Frontend Developer

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Scrum Master

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Frontend Developer


Video Production and Graphic Design


Software Developer


Software Quality Engineer

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Senior Backend Software Developer

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Content Marketing and Translation (Russian)

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Product Manager


Senior Software Engineer


SEO marketing assistant


Campaign Manager


Financial Accountant


Product Manager











13:00 Berlin MEZ (20:00 Tokyo, 07:00 New York)


13:00 Berlin MEZ (20:00 Tokyo, 07:00 New York)


1 REME = 0,40 CHF

100 CHF
(= 250 REME-Coins plus bonus)



Start of ICO


01:00 p.m. UTC+2

  • 45% development
  • 15% holder, investor
  • 15% operations, lawyers and tax consultants
  • 25% support, sales, marketing, concept of internalization

BECOME A REPAY.ME MEMBER NOW! launches its marketplace worldwide in 2018 with up to 100 percent cashback on every purchase. Before that, our REME-Coin will be issued. The REME-Coin will enable up to 100 percent cashback by simply paying with it - anywhere online and offline.

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  • Your friends get 10% bonus, too, if they use your private invite link
  • 2nd Level Bonus: Get also 10% Bonus for all friends of friends who buy REME-Coins
  • Team-transfer to marketplace: you can receive immediately up to 100 percent cashback when you shop on and earn a lot of money with your team from the beginning

Register now for free to receive your private invite link and start inviting people. This way you are positioned for success when our REME-Coin and marketplace will be launched publicly.

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As registered member you will be the first to receive and make use of efficient tools (videos), as well as cutting-edge marketing instruments we will share with you to attract new customers.

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8. Information, Correction, Deletion or Blocking of Data

As the responsible party, you can, at any time, request information from the operator about the stored data, the purpose of the storage and its origin.
In accordance with legal provisions, there are rights to correct, block and delete your personal data. For further information, please contact

9. Corporate Data Protection Officer

For general questions, complaints or suggestions regarding the operator's data protection, please contact our data protection officer Mario Peter.

General Terms and Conditions (pre-sale, token issue)

Please read these general terms and conditions for the sale of REME-Coins carefully and thoroughly. Only the German version of this Terms and Conditions statement is legally binding.
During the pre-sale period, you will acquire REME-Coins from FL GmbH, Marktgass 11, LI-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein (hereafter referred to as "Company","We","Us"), a limited liability company under Liechtenstein law, registered in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register under FL-0002.575.216-0, represented by the managing directors Sascha Jonas, Mario Peter, Klaus Stark. The purchase is subject to the following general terms and conditions.
By purchasing REME-Coins during the pre-sale from 02/05/2018 to 15/07/2018, you accept these General Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that these General Terms and Conditions are the basis for the purchase of REME-Coin.
You and the Company agree on the following:

1. Area of Application of these General Terms and Conditions

If no other scope has been agreed on (in these General Terms and Conditions), the General Terms and Conditions shall only apply to the purchase of REME-Coins during pre-sale. Each further use of REME-Coins in the ecosystem is regulated by separate terms and conditions, which are located on the marketplace platform

2. Volume and Duration of Pre-Sale

The pre-sale of the REME-Coin will start on 02/05/2018, 01:00 pm (CET) and will end on 15/07/2018, 01:00 pm (CET). A total of 375,000,000 REME-Coins are available for purchase. If all available REME-Coins have been purchased before the end of the pre-sale phase, the pre-sale ends with the purchase of the last available REME-Coins.

3. Price and Bonus System

  1. The price of one REME-Coin is 0,40 CHF. The minimum order quantity is 100 REME-Coins.
  2. There is a staggered time bonus in the pre-sale. In addition to the purchased REME-Coins, investors receive the following percentage bonuses:
    • On 02/05/2018, the time bonus is 33%
    • From 03/05/2018 to 13/05/2018, the time bonus is 25%
    • From 14/05/2018 to 31/05/2018 the time bonus is 20%
    • From 01/06/2018 to 17/06/2018 the time bonus is 15%
    • From 18/06/2018 to 15/07/2018 the time bonus is 10%
  3. In addition, there is also a friendship bonus. After purchasing REME-Coins, each buyer receives an individual invitation link and thus the opportunity to receive an extra bonus through friendship invitations. A special feature is that both the person who sends the invitation link and the recipient (and thus the new investor) receive an extra bonus of 10 percent. The 10 percent friendship bonus refers to the number of REME-Coins purchased by the invited person. The friendship bonus is possible up to the 2nd level, so that a "passive" bonus is also possible.

4. Payment Service

The purchase of REME-Coins during the pre-sale is handled by, the payment service provider. There are options for payment in FIAT currency by bank transfer or credit card as well as payments in cryptographic currencies.

5. Issue of the REME-Coin

The REME-Coin is a utility token and smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain and is implemented according to the ERC-20 standard. The REME-Coin will be issued on 15/08/2018, after completion of the pre-sale and a subsequent testing phase, the KYC (Know your customer procedure) procedure. REME-Coins acquired during the pre-sale will be credited to the purchaser's account on the marketplace together with the purchased bonus coins.

6. Cancellation/Return of Purchase Transactions

All purchase orders placed during pre-sale are binding. A unilateral cancellation of purchase orders is not possible, unless applicable law expressly provides for this possibility. The Company reserves the right to delete purchase orders or not execute them at any time. The company does not have to give reasons for this.

7. KYC/AML - Process

The company will carry out a comprehensive KYC and AML (Anti money laundering) procedure. The procedure is carried out in cooperation with CB Financial Services Ltd. Only after the successful execution of the KYC/AML procedure will the purchase orders finally be executed. The Company reserves the right to block access to received funds in the event of suspected terrorist financing or violations of the right to access the funds received until the suspicion has been clarified.

8. Datenschutz

Please note that personal data will be collected and processed in connection with the acquisition of REME-Coins during the pre-sale phase. For further information please refer to our privacy policy. Furthermore, we would like to point out that the missing provision of the required data for the KYC/AML procedure can lead to a deletion of the purchase order.

9. Risks in Connection with the Acquisition of REME-Coins

The company points out that the acquisition of REME-Coins involves risks. A more detailed description of the risks can be found in Appendix A.
By purchasing REME-Coins, you expressly confirm that you have taken note of the risks and are aware of the possible consequences of purchasing REME-Coins.

10. Taxes

The Company would like to point out that every buyer of REME-Coins is responsible for paying taxes to the relevant tax authorities which result from the acquisition, trade, use or possible appreciation of the REME-Coins. The Company cannot be held responsible for any legal taxes incurred in connection with the acquisition, trading, use or potential appreciation of the REME-Coin, withheld by the purchaser or for any other reason not paid to the relevant tax authority.

11. Guarantees and declarations

By sending the purchase order for REME-Coins you declare and guarantee that
  1. you have read these terms and conditions, including all attachments and references;
  2. you acknowledge that the acquisition, possession, trading or use of the REME-Coin involves risks as described in Appendix A to this agreement;
  3. you have a sufficient understanding and knowledge of both the technical and economic interrelationships associated with cryptographic currencies;
  4. you know both the limitations and risks associated with the creation and/or possession of cryptographic currencies;
  5. you have obtained sufficient information about the REME-Coin and the ecosystem (e. g. by reading the whitepaper provided on this page) so that you can make an informed decision about the purchase of REME-Coins;
  6. you understand that with the acquisition of REME-Coins you have not acquired any voting rights or other rights over the Company (or any other company) with which you can influence the decisions of the respective company;
  7. you understand that REME-Coins can only be used as a means of payment for services on the marketplace and that no further financial rights are attached to the Reme-Coin unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions;
  8. you acquire REME-Coins only because you want to participate in the ecosystem and support the development of the marketplace. You are aware of the economic risks and expressly do not acquire REME-Coins as an investment, speculative object or other financial means.
  9. you are not a citizen of the SAR Hong Kong or the People's Republic of China, nor are you representing persons or companies from these countries;
  10. you are neither a citizen of the United States of America, including Puerto Rico, U. S. Virgin Islands or Hawaii, nor have you permanent residence in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, U. S. Virgin Islands or Hawaii. You also guarantee that you do not represent any persons or companies in these countries.
  11. you are neither citizen nor do you originate from a geographical region which is the target of embargoes or international restrictions on trade, or with which trade is restricted or prohibited by international laws.
  12. you do not re-sell REME-Coins to persons named under no. 9 - 11.

12. Limitation of Liability

  1. The Company is liable according to the legal regulations. To the extent permitted by law, liability is completely excluded. In particular, the company does not assume any liability for financial losses caused by non-fulfilment of expectations or financial speculations in connection with the acquisition of REME-Coins
  2. In all other respects, the Company shall be liable unrestrictedly for intent and gross negligence as well as in accordance with the Product Liability Act. For minor negligence, the company shall be liable for damages resulting from injury to life, body and health of persons as well as for the violation of essential contractual obligations, i. e. obligations whose fulfilment makes the proper execution of the contract possible in the first place and on whose compliance the contractual partner may regularly rely.
  3. This limitation of liability shall also apply to the benefit of the company's employers, employees, representatives and vicarious agents.
  4. The Company shall not be liable for damage caused by third parties who are not vicarious agents of the Company outside its area of responsibility, nor for information and data based on information provided by third parties.

13. Final Provisions

  1. There are no additional agreements, amendments or supplements to these general terms and conditions. Verbal side agreements are excluded.
  2. Insofar as the user is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code, a special fund under public law or a person under public law, Schaan shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from these terms and conditions.
  3. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of this contract or its constituent parts shall not affect the legality of the remaining provisions. The contracting parties are obliged to find an effective regulation in good faith and taking into account the meaning and purpose of the contract and the mutual interests, insofar as this does not result in a substantial change of the content of the contract. This shall also apply if a gap in the contract that requires regulation becomes apparent.
  4. The law of Liechtenstein shall apply exclusively. In the case of consumers, this choice of law shall apply only insofar as the protection granted is not withdrawn by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which the consumer has his usual place of residence. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG - UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods) of 11 April 1980 is excluded.

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